KR Services has been providing the best services to Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas since 2018. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.



KR Services has proudly been serving Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas since 2018. We work closely with our clients to actualize their ideas and ensure that they have a role in the creative process every step of the way. 

We have full lawn and landscape maintenance packages that are designed to meet every customer's expectations.  We are fully insured, and in addition to lawn and landscaping services offer snow removal packages and power washing services. We would be happy to sit down with you and discuss what we can do for you, to help bring your yard up to the level of beauty that customers within Anne Arundel County have come to expect from KR Services.

Weed Control
Pretty Garden
Backyard Washing


Mowing seems simple enough, but each time you cut your grass you’re paving the way for your lawn’s success or failure. Mow correctly, and you’ll groom turf that’s healthy, drought-tolerant and thick enough to crowd out weeds. Time mowings so you’re never removing more than one-third of the total leaf surface (of a single grass blade) with each cutting.


Mulch is important to your lawn care because it adds beauty to your landscaping and helps reduce weed growth, as well as disease and insect problems to your agriculture.
It is best for mulch installation to be done in the early stages of spring/summer (preferably Mar-May) when the temperatures begin to rise (while the soil is still cool) to aide in growth of new plants, flowers and trees.



  • House washing

  • Gutter washing and cleaning

  • Concrete walkways and driveways

  • Patios

  • Pool decks

  • Fences

  • Decks

  • Porches

  • Swing Sets

  • Boats

Lawn Mower


Fair Prices, Guaranteed

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